Apple Silver IPAD AIR WI FI 16GB MD788FD A 16 GB 9.7 inch LCD

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Apple Silver IPAD AIR WI-FI 16GB MD788FD/A 16 GB 9.7 -inch LCD Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Brand : Apple

Models : MD788FD/A

Items Name : B00G4DSRPW


Height 3.94 inch, Length 9.49 inch
Width 7.32 inch, Weight 1.03 pounds.

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  • Product Type:Tablet
  • Operating System:Apple iOS 7

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Apple iPad Air WiFi 16G Silver New retail MD788KNA ComputersTablets Tablets

Apple Silver IPAD AIR WI-FI 16GB MD788FD/A 16 GB 9.7 -inch LCD Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Apple Silver IPAD AIR WI-FI 16GB MD788FD/A 16 GB 9.7 -inch LCD Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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