Audioengine S8 Premium Powered Subwoofer

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Audioengine S8 Premium Powered Subwoofer Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Brand : Audioengine

Models : S8

Items Name : B0018Q33U4


Height 11.22 inch, Length 11.22 inch
Width 11.22 inch, Weight 0 pounds.

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Featured Product

  • Super-compact size
  • 8 custom downfiring woofer
  • Wireless-ready!
  • Solid hand-finished front-ported cabinet
  • Auto-sleep power saving mode

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Product Descriptions

Audioengine S8 (AS8) – Premium Powered Subwoofer Excellent performance for music movies and games. Audioengine S8 is the perfect bass extension for Audioengine powered speakers or as an upgrade to any music system. Super compact size and wireless-ready. Upgrade your audio At about 11 square with an 8 woofer this powered subwoofer is small enough to place in a corner or hide behind furniture. The AS8 delivers great bass performance and it s low tight and smooth bass blends well with the speakers in your system. Wireless-ready! If you decide to place your Audioengine S8 away from y

Audioengine S8 Premium Powered Subwoofer Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Audioengine S8 Premium Powered Subwoofer Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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