Bluetooth Speaker LED Light Bulb Remote Control

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Bluetooth Speaker LED Light Bulb - Remote Control Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

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Items Name : B006FX27J8


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  • Bluetooth Speaker LED Light
  • Comes with a Remote Control
  • 500 Lumens

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Bluetooth Speaker fitted inside a LED Light Bulb with a Remote Control and 500 Lumens is cool accessory to relax to. The perfect way to relax is with this wholesale device from Chinavasion as you can sit back on your bed or sofa and listen to music while the LED shines above. Screw into your house, office or dormitory to enjoy a fantastic combination of light and music. With a thread interface, this LED bulb is easy to screw and fit into your ceiling ‘s light bulb socket and it can instantly have constant power as long as the mains are turned on. The LED light produces a luminance of 500 lume

Bluetooth Speaker LED Light Bulb – Remote Control Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Bluetooth Speaker LED Light Bulb - Remote Control Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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