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Brand : cocktail

Models : X10-SP

Items Name : B0057VZJZS


Height 9.06 inch, Length 5.31 inch
Width 9.45 inch, Weight 0 pounds.

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  • Free Field Frequency Response 45Hz 18KHz; Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Power Rate: RMS: 30W, Prog: 40W, Max:50W; Low Freq Unit: Diaphragm: Polymer coated paper fibre cone; Diameter: 4 inch, Voice Coil: 1 inch, Magnet: Ferrite Magnet with magnetically shielded
  • High Freq Drive: Diaphragm: Natural silk dome with guide; Diameter 0.75 inch, Voice Coil 0.8 inch, Magnet Ferrite magnet with magnetically shielded; impedance 8 ohml
  • Enclosed Construction 9mm M.D.F.
  • Approx Dimension : 13.5(W) X 24(H) X 23(D)Cm

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Free Field Frequency Response 45Hz 18KHz; Impedance: 8 ohm The CAP10 is the bookshelf speaker that delivers wonderful sound you have never heard before…. Model Name : CAP10 Drive Units Woofer : 4 inch / 8 ohm Tweeter : 1 inch / 8 ohm Drive Units Spec Woofer : 8 ohm / 40W Tweeter : 8 ohm / 10W Approx Dimension: 13.5(W) X 24(H) X 23(D)Cm



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