Duet 2 FM DAB Visually impaired

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Duet 2 - FM/DAB Visually impaired Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Brand : Roberts

Models : Version 2

Items Name : B00AEATGM4


Height 8.07 inch, Length 8.07 inch
Width 5.31 inch, Weight 4 pounds.

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  • Ten station presets. (5 FM, 5 DAB)
  • Search or manual tuning
  • Rotary tuning, volume and tone controls
  • Headphone socket for private listening
  • Mains/battery operated

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Product Descriptions

Offers FM stations plus a host of new, crystal clear digital stations via DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting). Includes a “Favourite ” button which allows you to store your favourite radio station on a single button. Menu, station names and information are displayed on a large amber backlit LCD panel. DAB/FM RDS wavebands FM RDS name display 10 station presets 120mm loudspeaker & tweeter for extra clarity Amber display backlight USB sockets for software upgrades Line in socket for iPod/MP3 playback Headphone socket Battery or mains operation via AC adapter (included)

Duet 2 – FM/DAB Visually impaired Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Duet 2 - FM/DAB Visually impaired Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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