Fractal Design ARC Midi R2 PC Case

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Fractal Design ARC Midi R2 PC Case Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Brand : Fractal Design

Models : 115846

Items Name : B00AWZQ4FI


Height 21.65 inch, Length 19.69 inch
Width 11.81 inch, Weight 23.59 pounds.

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Featured Product

  • Midi tower with 2x 5.25-inch external mounting bays
  • Internal mounting bays: 8x 3.5 inches or 2x 2.5 inches
  • Including three fans, front: 2x USB 3.0 ports, audio in/out, headphone, fan controller, dust filter
  • Windows kit, for motherboards up to ATX size
  • Colour: black

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Fractal Design Arc 2 Midi Tower Case Black FDCAARCR2BLW Components Computer Cases

Fractal Design ARC Midi R2 PC Case Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Fractal Design ARC Midi R2 PC Case Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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