Jamo SUB210 200W Active 8 inch Subwoofer Black Ash

September 5, 2007 |

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Jamo SUB210 200W Active 8 inch Subwoofer - Black Ash Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014


Models : SUB210/BK

Items Name : B0042A7CO6


Height 16.93 inch, Length 13.11 inch
Width 9.06 inch, Weight 15.43 pounds.

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  • This Jamo SUB 210 subwoofer has a 200W amplifier:Auto-on-off.

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With a new design, the Jamo SUB 210 subwoofer is more compact than any of the predecessors in its class, offering easier placement in today ‘s living environment.This Jamo SUB 210 subwoofer has a 200W amplifier and long-throw 8 ” woofer in a bass-reflex-enclosure, which gives it a level of performance unequaled in its class.The auto-on-off and controls for level, cut-off-frequency as well as phase, together with line-level-input make it very easy to integrate this subwoofer with any other TV/speaker/amplifier/receiver combination.Specifications- System Type Bass Reflex- Woofer (mm/in) 230 / 8- P

Jamo SUB210 200W Active 8 inch Subwoofer – Black Ash Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Jamo SUB210 200W Active 8 inch Subwoofer - Black Ash Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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