Marmitek 5.8 GHz Wireless Media Sender 09781

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Marmitek 5.8 GHz Wireless Media Sender- 09781 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014


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  • Double input for transmitter & multiple connection options
  • Can be controlled from secondary room
  • Multiple receiver option (available to purchase as extra items) for multiple rooms
  • Compact and neat
  • Easy to install

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Product Descriptions

Double input on the GigaVideo570 transmitter allow you to connect 2 sources to the transmitter i.e. Sky set top box & DVD player, for transmission to your secondary room. In your secondary room just press the button on the rear of the receiver to choose to receive input 1, i.e. Sky, or input 2, i.e. DVD. The integrated modulator built in to the receiver means unlike most wireless video TV transmitters (where connection to the receiving TV must be via Scart) the 570 allows you to connect the receiver to TV via standard co-axial aerial connection for reception on your TV via channel# 36. Very

Marmitek 5.8 GHz Wireless Media Sender- 09781 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Marmitek 5.8 GHz Wireless Media Sender- 09781 Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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