Mexican Style Pine Large TV Cabinet for up to 60 inch TVs

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Mexican Style Pine Large TV Cabinet for up to 60 inch TVs Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Brand : Core Products

Models : CR912

Items Name : B004P8KV52


Height 20.12 inch, Length 13.78 inch
Width 51.18 inch, Weight 55.12 pounds.

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Featured Product

  • CR912
  • Suitable for TVs up to 60 inch
  • Mexican style
  • Made from pine
  • Dimensions (mm): 1300w x 350d x 511h

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Product Descriptions

Corona Mexican Style Pine Large TV Cabinet for up to 60 inch TVs Great Pine Unit for up to 60 inch TVs The Corona TV unit is a Mexican-style pine unit with black steel hinges for an authentic feel. There is ample space for all equipment on shelving or in the 2 cupboards either side. Suitable for up to 60 inch TVs Mexican style Fantastic Storage space for AV equipment Made from pine 2 cupboards Dimensions: (MM) Cupboard Dimensions: W 420 x D 310 x H 380 Inner Shelf Dimensions: W 355 x D 330 x H 135 (Top) – 185 (Bottom) Overall Dimensions : W 1300 x D 350 x H 511

Mexican Style Pine Large TV Cabinet for up to 60 inch TVs Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Mexican Style Pine Large TV Cabinet for up to 60 inch TVs Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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