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MINIRIG Rechargeable Speaker LIMITED EDITION - GREY+BLACK Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014


Models : MR115

Items Name : B00IANF8WE


Height 2.87 inch, Length 3.98 inch
Width 3.98 inch, Weight 0.94 pounds.

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  • Large high quality 3 inch neodymium driver delivers outstanding sound
  • Powerful 15W digital amplifier with limiter means you can enjoy your music loud and clear
  • Rechargeable Lithium polymer battery gives over 50 hours playback from each charge
  • Dual 3.5mm jack sockets are compatible with any media player and allow multiple MINIRIGs to link together
  • Includes quality padded nylon zip case!

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LIMITED EDITION MINIRIG – Grey and Black! We are doing a very limited run of these so this is your chance to really stand out and be unique. Your MINIRIG package includes: – MINIRIG speaker – Audio cable (3.5mm jack-jack) – USB Charging cable – Manual – Quality padded nylon zip case The Minirig is the result of years of passionate research and design. An amazing portable speaker which sets a new standard in sound and design. This product is designed, made, tested and packaged HERE IN THE UK. Please visit the Minirigs website for more information and read our great reviews

MINIRIG Rechargeable Speaker LIMITED EDITION – GREY+BLACK Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

MINIRIG Rechargeable Speaker LIMITED EDITION - GREY+BLACK Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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