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Nokia Lumia 610 Sim Free Mobile Phone - Cyan Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Brand : Nokia

Models : 0020K40

Items Name : B007ZZA1ES


Height 4.69 inch, Length 2.44 inch
Width 0.47 inch, Weight 0.29 pounds.

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  • Stylish metallic looking design
  • The quickest way to be in touch
  • Surf and search
  • Discover things to do and places to go
  • Music and games

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Nokia Lumia 610 Sim Free Windows 75 CYAN A00006613 Phones Mobile Phones uk

Nokia Lumia 610 Sim Free Mobile Phone – Cyan Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Nokia Lumia 610 Sim Free Mobile Phone - Cyan Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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