Polk Audio RC60i High Performance In Ceiling Speakers Pair

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Polk Audio RC60i High Performance In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair) Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Brand : Polk

Models : AW0060-B|4

Items Name : B00005T3BD


Height 3.25 inch, Length 10.75 inch
Width 10.75 inch, Weight 5 pounds.

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  • Great Sound quality
  • Easy Installation
  • Shallow mounting depth

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It is extremely simple to install Polk Audio RCi Series In-Ceiling Loudspeakers like the RC60i. Dynamic Balance components and Aimable Tweeters ensure spacious imaging with amazing clarity and well-balanced sound in any listening position, not just a small “sweet spot. ” Paint them to match your d cor and they practically disappear, leaving you with nothing but high performance sound! Rotating Cams secure the speaker safely with no extra assembly or components needed. The RC60i features: – Round shape and flush design allows the RC60i to mimic the look of a recessed lighting fixture — the

Polk Audio RC60i High Performance In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair) Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Polk Audio RC60i High Performance In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair) Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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