Samsung UE40ES6900 40 inch LCD 1080 pixels 400 Hz 3D TV

February 3, 2007 |

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Samsung UE40ES6900 40 -inch LCD 1080 pixels 400 Hz 3D TV Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Brand : Samsung

Models : UE40ES6900

Items Name : B0089ZA2V0


Height 24.25 inch, Length 9.49 inch
Width 36.26 inch, Weight 22.93 pounds.

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  • Enjoy enhanced Smart Hub content and services
  • See vibrantly enhanced colour and detail
  • Experience vivid and realistic Full HD entertainment
  • Immerse in Samsung ‘s premium 3D visuals at home

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Using an advanced picture quality improvement algorithm, Samsung ‘s Wide Colour Enhancer Plus drastically improves the quality of any image and uncovers hidden details. Now see colours as they were meant to be seen with Wide Colour Enhancer Plus. The Samsung LED TVs have created an entirely new and immersive viewing experience when it comes to home entertainment. With the latest 3D imaging technology, you will be completely immersed in a new world of TV viewing reality. Samsung ‘s One Design maximises the vie

Samsung UE40ES6900 40 -inch LCD 1080 pixels 400 Hz 3D TV Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Samsung UE40ES6900 40 -inch LCD 1080 pixels 400 Hz 3D TV Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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