Samsung Xpress C 460 W Colour Multifunctional Printer

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Samsung Xpress C 460 W Colour Multifunctional Printer Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Brand : Samsung

Models : CL-C460W/TEG

Items Name : B00DSL0ZD0


Height 11.36 inch, Length 14.25 inch
Width 15.98 inch, Weight 22.27 pounds.

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A Printer That Makes All Smartphones Smarter Print wirelessly and share effortlessly with the Samsung Xpress 3-in-1 printer. With advanced NFC technology, Wi-Fi Direct and powerful compatibility, all it takes is a simple tap.Get Print On Tap! Simply Tap your mobile device to the Samsung Xpress C460W series to print virtually any content.Scan Scan images and send them directly to your mobile device.Print Wirelessly Share Anytime Effortless mobile printing with impressive compatibility, optimised for any task or occasion.Google Cloud Print From Anywhere Google cloud print works on Smartphone, Ta

Samsung Xpress C 460 W Colour Multifunctional Printer Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Samsung Xpress C 460 W Colour Multifunctional Printer Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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