Satgear 80cm Off White Satellite Dish Receiver Kit

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Satgear 80cm Off-White Satellite Dish & Receiver Kit Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Brand : Satgear

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Items Name : B001H7WPC6


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  • Full High Gain 80cm Satellite Dish Kit
  • Top Quality Powder-coated Off-White Steel Dish
  • With SAB 3000 Satellite Receiver
  • Ideal for UK and European Satellites
  • Includes 20m cable, Satfinder Meter, Fixings and Cables

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Premium Quality, High Gain 80cm Off-White Satellite Dish Kit Including SAB 3000 ReceiverThis is a superb kit for the complete home setup, with everything you need to bring Freesat to your TV. The kit comprises a high quality, high gain, 80cm steel satellite dish with brackets and fixings to enable wall or pole mounting, a 20m satellite cable to bring the signal from the dish to the receiver, an SAB 3000 receiver with remote control and scart cable to connect to your TV. To assist in the initial setting-up of the kit, we also provide a satfinder meter which will help you find the optimum dish s

Satgear 80cm Off-White Satellite Dish & Receiver Kit Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Satgear 80cm Off-White Satellite Dish & Receiver Kit Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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