Sony DVP NS400D Silver DVD Player

March 3, 2007 |

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Sony DVP-NS400D Silver DVD Player Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Brand : Sony

Models : DVPNS400DS

Items Name : B00005KABW


Height 0 inch, Length 0 inch
Width 0 inch, Weight 6.17 pounds.

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The Sony DVP-NS400 is a DVD player complete with a surround sound decoder and some excellent little touches. The slim NS400 has Sony ‘s typical classy finish, sleek and purposeful. The menu system is mercifully easy to use and the player is simple to set up. Some thought has obviously been put into the onscreen menus, which can be confusing on some players and require frequent reference to the manual. It ‘ll play CD-RW and CD-R discs, which can come in handy if you ‘ve a PC with CD-Writer, but for many people it ‘s one of those “might come in useful one day ” features. It ‘ll also play NTSC discs, w

Sony DVP-NS400D Silver DVD Player Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Sony DVP-NS400D Silver DVD Player Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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