4 Port DVI USB KVM Switch with Audio and USB Hub

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Brand : StarTech

Models : SV431DVIUAGB

Items Name : B0018PRKRM


Height 4.53 inch, Length 9.96 inch
Width 1.77 inch, Weight 2.43 pounds.

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  • USB keyboard and mouse support
  • Channel selection/Hub port control by front-panel push buttons
  • DVI interface technology supports digital video signal transmission
  • Independent/simultaneous USB hub port, audio mic channels and PC port selection
  • 4-port DVI USB KVM switch with audio and microphone switching and 2 x USB 2.0 hub ports

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Product Descriptions SV431DVIUAGB – 4 Port DVI USB KVM Switch with Audio & USB Hub 4 Port DVI USB KVM Switch with Audio and USB Hub Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014 4 Port DVI USB KVM Switch with Audio and USB Hub Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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