White s Coinmaster Pro Metal Detector

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White 's Coinmaster Pro Metal Detector Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Brand : Whites

Models : 800-0327

Items Name : B003SX6KV4


Height 12 inch, Length 44 inch
Width 9.5 inch, Weight 0 pounds.

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  • 5 Range Discrimination: “Notch ” feature
  • Tone I.D.: 3 distinctly different audio tones instantly cue you to the targets desirability; Low-Iron; Medium-Rings-Jewellery-modern coins; High Silver coins etc.,
  • Depth Reading As You Hunt: The screen shows how deep the target is, pretty accurate on coin sized objects.
  • Pinpoint/All Metal Mode: Makes locating the target easy-Just push the pad.
  • 20 + Hours battery life on 2 x PP3 Alkaline batteries

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Sold and despatched by the worlds largest supplier of metal detecting books: Spin-A-Disc Metal Detectors, 107 Keighley Road, Halifax HX2 8JE UK. We don ‘t just sell metal detectors-It ‘s our hobby. We ‘ll never sell you a metal detector we wouldn ‘t buy ourselves. Use both inland or on the beach. A versatile professional metal detector from one of the most respected names in metal detecting-White ‘s Electronics.

White ‘s Coinmaster Pro Metal Detector Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

White 's Coinmaster Pro Metal Detector Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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