Creative ZEN VISION M Digital player radio HDD 30 GB WMA

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Creative ZEN VISION:M - Digital player / radio - HDD 30 GB - WMA Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Brand : Creative Labs

Models :

Items Name : B000E592I2


Height 0 inch, Length 0 inch
Width 0 inch, Weight 0 pounds.

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  • Stylish design is compact (104x62x18.9mm) and tactile, with textured finish and smooth contours
  • 30GB hard disk stores up to 15,000 songs* or 120 hours of video
  • 2.5-inch (51x39mm) screen displays images at 320×240, ensuring high quality
  • Supports audio formats WMA (with DRM) , MP3, WAV
  • video formats MPEG (1/2/4) , DivX, XviD, WMV

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Product Descriptions

All your entertainment – on the move. Creative ‘s Zen Vision:M is the ultimate player for people who want to enjoy music and movies on the go. This stylish, versatile system features an advanced colour screen for brilliant movies and stills, and its rechargeable battery delivers playtimes up to four hours with video, up to 14 hours with MP3 music. The Zen Vision:M offers the ergonomic design of Creative ‘s Zen family and supports popular music, video and photo formats. It can store up to 15,000 songs* or up to 120 hours of video on its high-capacity hard disk, sharing images and videos with frie

Creative ZEN VISION:M – Digital player / radio – HDD 30 GB – WMA Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Creative ZEN VISION:M - Digital player / radio - HDD 30 GB - WMA Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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