TLC200 Green Camera ATH100 Weather Proof Case Package

June 24, 2011 |

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TLC200 Green Camera & ATH100 Weather Proof Case Package Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

Brand : Brinno

Models : TLC200 Green +ATH110

Items Name : B00AM3W6Z2


Height 0 inch, Length 0 inch
Width 0 inch, Weight 0 pounds.

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Featured Product

  • TLC200 Time Lapse Camera with 2GB memory card and batteries
  • ATH100 Weatherproof outdoor housing, use the TLC200 anywhere
  • Create great time lapse videos
  • Transfer to your computer
  • Use outdoors, rain or shine

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Product Descriptions

The Brinno Time Lapse Camera TLC200 is an easy solution for creating Time Lapse videos. Turn it on, set the time interval, frame your subject, let it record, view your time lapse video! The Weather Resistant Housing (ATH100) allows the Time Lapse Camera (TLC200) to function safely outdoors in any weather. Your Time Lapse Camera(TLC200) will be protected against severe weather, so you can keep recording images in any season or location. Perfect combination for outdoor use.

TLC200 Green Camera & ATH100 Weather Proof Case Package Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

TLC200 Green Camera & ATH100 Weather Proof Case Package Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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